The Elephant Who Cried

Raju, The Elephant Who Cried, is based on the true story of an elephant in India who was rescued by Wildlife SOS in 2014 after suffering for over 50 years from endless abuse and malnourishment. Raju’s story captured international media attention and touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide because of the tears of joy that were seen streaming down his face as he was being freed from the painful shackles and chains that had bound him for most of his life.

Wildlife SOS first heard about the plight of Raju from India’s Forestry Commission in July 2013, but it took an entire year, at great cost, to go through the court system in order to legally free him. Experts from Wildlife SOS, along with a team of veterinarians, Forestry Commission officers and policemen, rescued Raju on the night of July 3, 2014. He enjoyed his first day of freedom on July 4, 2014.


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