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Wildlife Organizations & Sanctuaries

RajuWildlife SOS

The organization in India that rescued Raju and provides for his care and upkeep. They work to protect wildlife, conserve habitat, and provide alternative, sustainable livelihoods for their local communities. Visit and volunteer your time at their animal sanctuary, working with rescued elephants and bears -

Wildlife Alliance

Based in New York, the organization cares for rescued wildlife internationally. They also work to conserve the environment and provide environmental education and ecologically sustainable alternative livelihoods for local communities. You may arrange for a visit to their wildlife rescue center in Cambodia where they care for injured, traumatized and orphaned animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade -

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

With offices based in the U.S., this organization rescues baby elephants in India that have been orphaned, rehabilitates them at their Wildlife Rescue Center, and releases them back into the wild. They also work to protect elephants and their habitat, to prevent poaching, and manage human-elephant conflict. With projects in more than 40 countries, they rescue individual animals, campaign to prevent animal cruelty, and advocate for the protection of wildlife and their habitats -

Jane Goodall Institute

With their main office in Virginia, the institute is a global conservation organization that operates the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in Africa. The center provides life-saving rehabilitation and sanctuary for sick, malnourished and injured orphaned chimpanzees. They also advocate for chimpanzees in the wild through conservation science, public awareness, environmental education, protection of habitats, and promoting sustainable livelihoods -